Mandurah Christian Convention 2013 

                  41st Anniversary of Souls Outreach Association

Dr Derrick Fynn:

Dr. Derrick Fynn is the founder of Souls Outreach Association.

His ministry began over fifty years ago in Durban South Africa.

A prophetic word from God was given and it confirmed the passion in brother Fynn's heart for the lost souls of men and women.

In obedience to this call from God, he set about Outreach Crusades through out South Africa and neighboring countries.

During these crusades in the late sixties and early seventies the Lord used him in a mighty fashion which resulted in a huge harvest of souls.

It was during this period in the community of Sydenham, that the hub of Souls Outreach Association was established.

After the establishment of the Outreach another prophetic word was spoken, announcing that from this hub many will go out "even to the uttermost parts of the earth" to preach the gospel.

Now this confirms the reason for this International Convention.

Pastor Dennis Fynn: 

Pastor Dennis Fynn who presently resides in Mandurah, was one of the early converts.

Together with his team will be the host of this memorable Convention. 

We anticipate that christian's from all over the world which have been impacted by the ministry of Dr Derrick Fynn, will gather together for this wonderful occasion.

Join with the team in prayer and fasting as we entreat the Lord to bless this historic event.

We know that old friendships will be reunited and that all will be profoundly effected by the out-pouring of The Holy Spirit.

So come to this beautiful city of Mandurah and be part of the celebration as we hear God's word and worship Him in the beauty of Holiness.

All are most welcome.

Ministers around the world:

Dr. Fynn had this intense conviction to train up men and women and send them out into the harvest fields. 

A Bible School was opened and dedicated bible teachers trained up the hungry students with sound teaching of the word.

He also initiated the practical part and would take teams regularly with him on missions, preaching to the lost, casting out demons, praying for the sick, setting up tent crusades. 

Students gained this practical insight and "know how" as they followed in the practices that they were taught.

This resulted in ministers that are now situated all over the world preaching the Gospel of Good News.

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